Monday, August 23, 2010

Southwestern Utah Exploartion - Speaker

Fontana is hosting speaker Brad O' Grosky on Thursday August 26 from 7-8pm at out west Madison location: 231 Juntion Rd.

The four corners of Southwestern Utah contain many canyons, ancient Indian ruins and wonderful wilderness for day hiking and backpacking. See a photo presentation of some of the cultural resources that are still preserved after 900 to 1500 years and hear of the wilderness areas that house them, awaiting your exploration. Over the past 14 years, Brad has volunteered on many archaeological projects with the Park Service, Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management in an effort to continue to protect these treasures and will share some of his experiences at these wonderful sites.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


It is hard to believe that summer is winding down but there are only a few weeks left. At Fontana that means we are starting to get in winter product. Jackets and fleece are already on the shelves. Skis and snowboards are in the warehouse and there is lots more on the way. That is good news; but the GREAT news is in order to make room, summer product is on sale!

At our WEST SIDE LOCATION (231 Junction Rd.) We are having a huge tent sale!

Summer clothing, shoes, sandals, kayaks, inline skates and camping gear are all on sale anywhere from 20 to 75% off. We are also clearing out a winter leftovers from last year, there are a bunch of great skis and snowboards so you can gear up for snow and save money!
Stop by now through August 22nd and catch the deals!