Friday, November 30, 2012

Ski and Snowboard Resale!

Sunday, October 28th, Fontana led the charge to Tyrol Basin’s Ski and Snowboard Resale! The day was beautiful. Frost covered pine trees, fresh man-made snow for the snowboarders and skiers, blue skies, and 15% of sales went to support Tyrol Basin’s National Ski Patrol!

The huge canopies sheltered the truck loads of colorful downhill and x-country skis, snowboards, boots, poles, and bindings. Another station was set up with underwear, ski coats, sweaters, and ski pants, while the porch was lined with adult and children’s ski helmets. Inside the tables were filled with ski accessories: goggles, gloves, mittens, and hats, to mention a few of the items.

Fontana Sport Specialties supports Madison’s communities, the  ski patrol, and the family friendly Tyrol Basin with knowledge, great winter products, and friendly service.

Watch for future Fontana events!

Judith J. Hutchinson
Vice President, Fontana Sports Specialties

Friday, November 02, 2012

Warren Miller - Flow State

Last week we sponsored the premiere of Warren Miller’s 2012 film Flow State. Fontana Sports has been sponsoring this film coming to Madison for as long as I can remember, which is 15+ years. We all look forward to the event because we know when we walk towards the Barrymore Theatre’s front doors we will see a line of people waiting outside, usually in the cold, for their tickets and they don’t mind… they can’t wait to see what Warren Miller’s new film will be this year. Once inside the front doors there are hundreds of people happy to be in the presence of other fellow snow lovers. You can feel that everyone’s been waiting to start the winter off by seeing the new Warren Miller film celebrating what we all love the most – fresh white snow powder!

People mingle, grab a beer and check out what the vendors have brought to hand out and give away this year. Lots of Midwest ski hills(Lutsen Mountains, Granite Peak, Indianhead) are there as well as some national sponsors and our booth of course. We had some great stuff to hand out this year, my favorite being the Salomon Magic Eight balls. When the shows about to start everyone grabs their seats with a beer and maybe some popcorn, but definitely with a smile. The MC gets everyone pumped up about the coming winter, the huge drawing during intermission and the sweet film that’s in store. And then it begins! The films always have a way of drawing you in with the beautiful camera work, incredible athletes and the sick tunes. When you walk out after the film, you can feel everyone is hoping there will be snow waiting for us outside the Barrymore’s front doors. In some past years there actually has been! If you didn’t get to make the premiere this year, we hope you’ll join us next year and then we know you’ll be hooked, just like we are!