Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dawn Glanc - Montenegro Rock Climbing Adventures

The Madison climbing community is lucky enough to be getting a world class climber coming to Boulders Climbing Gym to share her experiences. Dawn Glanc is a sponsored rock and ice climber.  She travels the world in pursuit of climbing.  She is an AMGA certified rock and alpine guide, guiding for San Juan mountain guides, Chicks Climbing, and Chicks Rock!

On Thursday, July 26th, 8:00 PM at Boulders Climbing Gym (3964 Commercial Ave, Madison, WI 53714) Dawn will be presenting: Montenegro Rock Climbing Adventures

In October of 2010 Dawn Glanc and two other American climbers traveled to Montenegro, a small country in Southeastern Europe to climb. The name Montenegro literally translates to "black mountain" which is very descriptive of the country that is bordered by the Adriatic Sea to the southwest, but has only a very narrow coastal plain (only one to four miles wide) before hitting the various ranges, considered by some to be the most rugged terrain in Europe.  Dawn and her companions were the first American party to climb in Montenegro and were accompanied by a local team of eight climbers.  The local climbers' knowledge and experience helped the team put up multiple first ascents.

Dawn will be presenting a slide show that tells the story of this expedition between two cultures that was made successful through a genuine shared love of rock climbing.