Monday, September 30, 2013

Make A Wish

Judith represented Fontana Sports two weekends ago at the Make A Wish Walk in Madison. She said the event was very inspiring and fun was had by all. Looks like there was great weather too! Keep up the good work, Judith and everyone else out there making a difference, whether it's with walking, volunteering, teaching or giving a smile to someone who needs it!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Indian Lake Trail Run on October 5th!

The Indian Lake Trail Run is coming up on Saturday, October 5, 2013. We hope you will be able to come out and join the fun! The race funds important projects at the park, like prairie and lake restoration and trail maintenance. There are over 300 runners registered for the race already and it's fully expected to hit the race cap of 400 within the next 10 days. The 6k and 12k races begin at 9am, and the kids' fun run is at 8:30. You can find more race details at

Maybe you're not a runner, but you'd like to support the event?? The Friends of Indian Lake are looking for volunteers to help at the race. This is your chance to make hundreds of trail runners and park goers very happy while supporting this amazing place! Volunteers are needed to work at registration, aid stations, trail intersections, the finish line, the kids' fun run, parking, refreshment tables, or some combination of these. Did I mention they're giving away wool trail socks and Indian Lake Trail run coffee mugs this year? As a volunteer, you can expect to enjoy both of these goodies along with all the fun of race day -- Hubbard treats, live music, hot coffee, and more.

If you need any gear for the event, such as trail running shoes, apparel, a hydration pack, some new socks or what-not, Fontana Sports is here for you! We'd love to help you get ready for the event and you know we've got the gear :) Visit Thanks for supporting your parks and the other beautiful outdoor places that make our State so special!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Chance to win!

You can sign up at either location or online at Don't miss your chance to win! Good luck!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Support the River Alliance of Wisconsin!

Patagonia Advocate Weeks are here - Help Support Local Conservation Efforts!
September 16-29 Patagonia will donate $10 to River Alliance of Wisconsin for every pair of Patagonia shoes you buy at Fontana Sports stores or 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pre-Historic Fly Fishing

By Craig Amacker

I was on my “Annual September  Wisconsin River Float” with good friends Kim and Tony Ferrie  yesterday when I caught this pre-historic beast of a fish known as the Bowfin.  We started our float with the standard rules-fish until you catch one, then it’s your turn to row the boat.  For the first hour or so nothing was happening, then a big fish crushed the Fishstress(my go-to white streamer for Smallmouth bass).   It was a jolting strike that bent my 7 weight SAGE ONE double, and put up an impressive fight with a couple of jumps, runs and bulldog like pulls.    I thought the fish was a huge Smallmouth bass at first, but when it didn't show itself we all thought it was a catfish or anybody’s guess.  When I got the fish to the surface I knew right away it was a Bowfin-a fish filed in my memory bank from long ago while growing up on the Madison Lakes and catching them on rare occasions conventional fishing for bass and walleye.  Once the fish was landed and photos were taken, it was time to remove my fly from the fish's mouth.  The problem here was this fish had jaws like a steel trap and some nasty teeth.   I couldn't pry its jaws apart with my pliers and I didn't have a jaw spreader though I don’t think that would've helped.  So the leader was cut, and the fish was released giving me a big face splash.   The take-a-away here is don’t berate strange fish even though they’re not the respected trout or coveted Smallmouth bass, they’re still a blast to catch.  I had so much fun with this Bowfin that I want to learn more about their habits and habitat so I can go catch more.

Craig offers guided fly fishing trips and classes, to view the schedule and for more information visit:

Schumacher Farm Park Heritage Fest this weekend!

Hi All!

We are headed to see my son and Daughter-in-law in Minneapolis this weekend, so I cannot be at the Schumacher Farm Park Heritage Fest this Sunday afternoon, Sept 15th from 1-4 PM. That being said, I encourage all of you Nordic Walkers, walkers and hikers to go. Alone, with friends, or family, it is delightful. There will be all kinds of interesting projects going on - blacksmiths, cooking, gardening, etc.

Click on this link for more event info -

This early morning my husband John and I Nordic walked the trails and they were beautiful! Prairie flowers and grasses as high as your head, and wild plum trees with hundreds of small juicy plums, falling-off-ripe by the trail heading North from the barn. The trails are well marked, open and breezy, so few to no bugs, and any hills are gentle and rolling.

Wanted to encourage you all to go sometime soon and if possible this coming Sunday. Watch for the Monarchs, they gather at the farm before migrating. The farm is on Hwy 19, just east of Waunakee’s Culver’s. I would be there if I were in town and would have met you there. This is the next best thing I can do: invite you to one of my favorite hiking places, especially when they are open and showing you Wisconsin farming and its working history. Hope you can make it. Happy Autumn!

Thanks and have a good hike or two ‘til we meet again,

Judith J. Hutchinson
VP Fontana Sports Specialties

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Fontana Sports Nordic Walkabout

Hi Folks!

Hope you will join me this coming Thursday, Sept 5th at 9:00 AM at Token Creek County Park. We’ll meet at the first shelter on the right after entering the park from Hwy 51 North. The walk will be about an hour of easy, enjoyable walking. I will have extra Nordic poles, please call to get first rights to them. Leave a message with Elizabeth at 608-662-9706. Dress for bugs, heat and comfort. I’ll bring water. If it rains enough for full on windshield wipers, the walk is cancelled.

To get to Token Creek County Park: Hwy 51 north from Madison’s East Washington (Hwy 151 going East), meets Hwy 51 going North. Take Hwy 51 North (towards De Forest) crossing over I-94, and just after you pass Pinecone gas station and restaurant, turn into Token Creek County Park on your right.The first shelter is just past the bridge. See you there.

Hope you join me. The flowers are gorgeous, the birds are flocking and looks like the weather will be great!

Judith J. Hutchinson
VP Fontana Sports Specialties

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