Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ridiculous Word...Excellent Concept


Glamorous camping, or luxury camping.

I'm generally not at all a fan of blending words to create a cutesy catchword (I still cringe at the mention of staycations) however, I can't deny the appeal of the concept.

Don't get me wrong, I have done my share of grungy, 20 days in the back country, in the hot sun, schlepping a pack and not showering. And I have loved every moment of it! But sometimes you don't want to have to search out the softest leaves to use in the lavatory. Sometimes it's nice to enjoy the beauty of nature in relative comfort.

Despite argument from some "hard core" outdoors men and women, there is nothing wrong with using a cushy queen sized air mattress in an open airy tent. Donning your stylish but functional Icebreaker tank and Mountain Hardwear skirt, going for a walk by the lake then finding a quaint restaurant to enjoy a sunset and a glass of wine.

There are 100's of products now that allow for comfortable and clean enjoyment of a weekend spent outdoors. Here are just a few...
Eureka Copper Canyon 1610 Tent

This two room tent provides plenty of space for sleeping and lounging, the screened in porch is great if it is raining or if bugs are on the prowl and at seven feet high you can move around in comfort.

Coleman Double high Quickbed - Queen

Eighteen inches high, queen sized mattress, fits standard sheets so bring the 600 thread counts and sleep like a baby! Air pump included for fast and easy set up.

GCI Outdoors Unifold Lounge Chair and Lexan Wine Glass

The chair provides comfort and support, with stem ware and regular cup holders. The wine glass is classy and virtually indestructible.

Plus there are many performance clothes that will keep you looking good and feeling great! Here are a few modeled by our employees.

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