Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Story of a Backpack

by Matthew Piepenbrok

I begin the same. I pack, unpack, and then pack, then unpack, I repeat this process until I've removed all the objects and have finalized what I considered appropriate. What is left in a bag at the end of the journey speak its story, what it can do, what it can endure, and where it has been. Let the contents of this bag speak to is character and its ability:

Top Flap compartment: Wallet contents classified
Zip Portable hardrive case: contents classified
2, 2G flash drives, 8G SD card, multi card usb reader.

Secondary main zipper pocket: Epi Pen, 10 glucose tablets, Bottle containing 50 Naproxen sodium, bottle containing 30 tablets loratadine, bottle containing 30 tablets of dextromethorphan, gum, Fluticasone Propionate 50mcg, fluticasone furoate 27.5 mcg, 2 cough drops,bar natural soap, lip balm, six meatball dog treats in container, three beef stick slice dog treats in container.

Side Pocket: Fleece gloves with windstoper,120 gm merino glove liners, Scott OTG goggles with bag, 16 oz Sigg anodized aluminum water bottle, large Ice trekkers cleats.

10 individual serving salt packets, 10 individual pepper packets, one string cheese, one ziplock bag.

Side pocket: Case 6in fix blade knife in leather sheath and Omega carabiner, 2 locking belay carabiners one wrapped in 3mm nylon line 12 ft, Wire coat hanger, 8 AAA batteries, one small rare earth magnet, Silva type 7 compass, 4 ft 1 in black nylon tubbing/webbing, one pack of cigarettes 5 inside, one strike anywhere match,one foot nylon strap with d ring, standard air fill nozzle, Red AA led flashlight, 3 blade pocket knife, AAA led whiet light compact flashlight with lanyard, 2 elastic hair bands, misc. scrap papers, OSG tap and Die chat.

Pencil bag:7 various pens, magnum sharpie, chissle point sharpie , fine point sharpie, 2h pencil with 3 ft duck tape, burnishing tool, 2 lip balms , 5 gm blackpowder, 6b graphite stick with holder, Paint pen, small fine point scissors, metal nail file, steal tent stake, dry erase marker, fine point tweezers, plastic bag containing compressed charcoal stick and 2 1/4 vine charcoal, 3h pencil, mars plastic eraser, gum eraser, ink eraser, pink eraser, dry cleaning eraser, gum bar eraser, leatherman, one spent match, small bag containing silver pins and ni-crome beads.

10 L dry baja bag: merino wool socks, 2 merino wool neck gators, swix windproof light mittens, Nylon boonie cap.

Granted I have modified it: removed chest pockets, rain fly, inner back support, one side pocket liner.

This bag has traveled thousands of miles with me as my standard daypack, wilderness backcountry packing, blizzard hiking conditions, Extended travel from overnight to weeks of train hopping and hotel stops, car road trips, and daily walks to and from work, school, and home.

This list only reflects the things that linger, its main compartment carries the burden, adding the addition of computers, tablets and books, to back country cooking gear...ect, All in all a versatile water-resistant multi-condition day pack, a personal companion.

It is when I have the opportunity to unpack at the end that I am flooded by the memories and objects, all contained in this bag.

Osprey Metron 35 Backpack

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