Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Choosing The Right Golf Disc

By Jeff Bedermann


Golf Discs vary in weight from 150g to 180g. The lighter the disc the more stable it is where as the heavier it is the more unstable it is. The more stable disc will be easier to control the flight (150-165) & the more unstable (165-180) the harder to control. Stability ratings range from -3 to 3. Discs with a rating of around 0 will be more stable. Discs rated at a minus rating (-) will fly more right and a disc with a (+) rating will fly more to the left.


Beginning Player wants a Disc that is lighter (under 165) with a stability rating closer to 0. This will allow for easier and controlled throws.

The Average Player wants a Disc that would be in the middle weight range (165). A heavier Disc with a higher stability rating will allow for more advanced techniques as you grow as a player.
NOTE: A lighter disc will fly farther than a heavier one and this is where stability becomes more important.

The Pro Does Not Need My Advice!!

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I hope this helps to get you started on your way to a great sport.

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