Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Who's Ready for Ski Season?!

Hello fellow ski instructors, patrollers, racers, and ski enthusiasts! Can you believe that we are already talking about Ski Season?! It really is just around the corner and we have a great event coming up that will help you be at your best for ski season.

Who: Presenters - Bill Davis PSIA L3, Matt McGinn PSIA L2. We bring hundreds of hours of inter-mountain clinic and ski college experiences to share. Our goal – improve your skiing and teaching.

What: Power Point guided “Beyond PSIA L3 ski discussion - question and answer session.” Title of presentation Understanding Stance, Separation, Outside Ski, Pressure Management. This is the first hour (Thursday, Aug 28) of a 4- 6 week presentation. We are digging deep to discuss ski equipment, snow conditions, movement patterns from balance that produce predictable cause and effects on ski bases and edges which in return produce sensations. 

Where: Fontana Sports Specialties West location (231 Junction Rd, Madison, WI 53717)

When: Thursday, August 28th, 6:30pm – 8:00pm. If interested in social hour afterward - we will pick a place nearby to regroup for beverages.

Who is invited? Specifically - PSIA members preparing for L2, L3 certification, National Ski Patrollers, Race club members, and anyone (general public) interested in becoming better skiers. So invite and bring friends and family. 

Former PSIA Demo Team member Stu Campbell said: ““The Art of skiing is, ultimately, the search for sensation.” Bring your ski boots with you for some fun interactive participation exercises. You will leave this presentation with a new awareness - feelings related to skiing.

Arrive early - for a Movement analysis power point presentation (do loop) that will be running from 6:15 - 6:30 - "Seventeen critical components of Movement Analysis." At 6:30pm sharp we shift gears and go right into Beyond PSIA L3 - by introducing you to "Rope Thing" which propels us into the presentation.

After Thursday Aug 28th we will take about a month break and resume weekly presentations early in October.

We will eventually work our way into big mountain themes like Fluidity, Attack, Technique, and Control. And work in Alpine Team concepts - a conceptual outline to help ski instructors guide students to understanding.

So…. how do you – stand, and move on your skis?

Think about it, come prepared to discuss if you care to contribute - what in balance and moving on skis means to you.

The idea is to have fun in a lively discussion - you will leave with a new awareness.

Please invite all members of your organization - PSIA, NSP, Racers- coaches. The fundamentals we are covering apply to all good skiers – especially race team members. We hope you'll join us!

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