Saturday, November 08, 2014

Share your travels with Fontana Sports!

We love to hear from you guys and see where your adventures take you. Please email or Facebook us with pics and stories! We received an email from a happy customer who got to do some incredible traveling this year. Check out her awesome photos! Be sure to keep an eye out for Smokey!

"I mentioned to Adam (our Downtown Store Manager) that the Camelbak I purchased this past year has been the best gear purchase I've made. My mom grabbed this photo of us while hiking in the Desolation Wilderness (Lake Tahoe area) this past August."

"If you're interested, Smokey Bear, my Camelbak, and my hiking family also hiked the Rubicon Trail along the shores of Lake Tahoe and climbed the peaks at Squaw Valley.

In any case, thanks for the recommendations on the perfect fit Camelbak for me--best gear purchase yet!"

- Kirsti

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