Friday, June 19, 2015

Fontana Sports Customer Swimming Madison Lakes for Cancer Awareness!

Mary Gooze is a local Madison woman fighting 4th stage metastatic breast cancer. She's working to raise awareness of her cancer by swimming across every lake in Madison. Mary is swimming the five lakes in Madison in order from smallest to biggest. She started with Lake Wingra. She'll also swim across lakes in other states as part of her effort. The efforts are called "One Woman, Many Lakes." 

We're proud of Mary for going out of her way to make a difference and raise awareness to the fact that metastatic breast cancer doesn't get enough funding for cancer research.

"There's plenty of money that goes into the initial breast cancer funding, but for metastatic breast cancer it's two percent is only given," said Gooze.

Thank you for being an inspiration, Mary. We'll be cheering you on and working right along side you to help raise awareness.

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