Monday, January 02, 2012

New Years Resolutions


Anyone have a new years resolution to be more active or get in better shape?  Think about picking up a new outdoor sport!

Running is easy, fun,and doesn't require the snow that seems to be eluding us so far this winter.  We have many seasoned runners at Fontana that can help you pick out clothing and footwear, talk about training, and share experiences. 

Cross Country Skiing is a fantastic low impact activity that is also a great workout.  Although we don't have snow yet there is plenty of winter left.  We an help pick out the perfect skis for you as well as point you to the best trails in the area. 

Nordic Walking is not that well known but awesome exercise.  Simply put, it is walking with poles and can burn up to 40% more calories that just going for a walk.  Stop in and find out more.

Hiking/Walking is the most accessible of all activities.  We are lucky to be in an area with many beautiful parks very close.  Devils Lake, Indian Lake, Blue Mounds, Governor Nelson, Governor Dodge, or simply the lake shores of Madison.

Whatever you need to stay more active this year: pedometers, watches, clothing and gear, information, or motivation stop in Fontana and let our staff help you with your goals!  We wish you a happy, healthy new year!

Also a big shout out to Fontana Sports owner Judith Hutchinson.  It was an early resolution but she completed her first 5K this year running the Thanksgiving Berbee Derby in under 40 minutes!  Way to go Judith!

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